Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pregnancy Perks

Besides the obvious reason why pregnancy is so wonderful, it also comes with quite a few little perks. Most of them come from the thoughtfulness of my husband, but some come from the thoughtfulness of others.

1. Tom no longer allows me to take that long, cold walk from the store parking lot to the front door. He always drops me off at the door.
2. Pregnant Parking. Some stores actually offer parking spots that are for expecting or new mothers. Babies R Us (of course) and some Hy-Vee stores have this convenient little luxury.
3. Random strangers have told me to go ahead of them in the grocery store line. Very sweet.
4. Backrubs. Tom is usually pretty good about giving these out when they're needed.
5. Anytime anyone at work sees me carrying anything, they immediately take it out of my hands.
6. Tom gets mad at me anytime I try to take the trash out because that requires me to walk down stairs with my hands full. Not a good combination.
7. I can not count how many times a day someone will ask me how I'm feeling, how's the baby doing, when is my due date. I love talking about my pregnancy, and so many people give me the chance to do that everyday.

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Cori said...

Melissa, enjoy that. Because the MINUTE you give birth, it slows down. I got very used to it, and thought that surely people would be just as nice to a lady carrying an infant carrier with a very new baby in it....well, they're not. It's amazing really, how quickly it stops. Mark my words. :)