Thursday, January 29, 2009

Insecure or Confident?

I was in line at Panda Express the other day getting me some delicious Kung Pao chicken. The place was totally empty except for a small group of teenagers in the corner. Since it was empty in there, it was pretty quiet, with the exception of the teens. I hear them start laughing so I look up at them…and they were all looking at me…while they were laughing. My immediate reaction is “why are they laughing at me?” Then, my secondary reaction was “they couldn't be laughing at me…I’m a cute little pregnant lady”. At that point I talked myself out of the thought that they could be laughing at me. But I still kept my head down as I moved through the line…just incase I had a “bat in the cave” or something like that. Teenagers scare me. I’ll do my very best to keep Thomas from acting like one someday!

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