Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A couple things I am more aware of now that I'm pregnant:

1. The speed limit. I believe that I have become a somewhat better driver. (Except for that minor accident I got into early on in my pregnancy...that doesn't count).
2. Intersections. For some reason, intersections make me nervous now. Every single one I go through, I have a brief and terrible thought that someone will run a red light a hit me.
3. Cussing. Before, when someone cussed, I never thought anything of it...but now, every cuss word stands out to me.
4. Other pregnant women. Tommy owned a motorcycle when we first started dating. I learned, as an unwritten rule, while you are out for a ride, you are to wave at every other motorcyclist you see, and they wave back at you. I thought this was really silly. I drive a Honda Civic.....I don't wave at everyone else who drives a Honda Civic, and they don't wave at me. But now I kind of understand. When I see a pregnant woman, I literally want to throw my hand in the air and wave it back and forth. I want to talk to her and ask her all the basic questions that I get asked. And I want to rub her belly.
5. My bellybutton. You could probably measure out a cup of water in my bellybutton right now. I'd like for it to pop out soon so I don't start losing things in it, like my keys or my cell phone.
6. Strangers. Now that I'm showing, lots of random strangers talk to me. It's actually very sweet. I think that pregnant women give off a sense of kindness and approachability. It's almost like we are wearing signs that say "ASK ME ABOUT MY BABY". I love the attention and I will jump on any chance to talk about the handsome little man growing inside me.

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B-Mom said...

Welcome to our world of worrying about every little thing that could possibly hurt any little part of your child. It's a horrible world to live in, but it's all worth it.

I have a hard time believing your driving is any better, I've got to see it to believe it! :)

I used to think that everyone else in the world just decided to mate at the same time I did, because there were never THAT many pregnant people before!