Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baby Thomas is all hopped up on Caffeine

I am a pregnant caffeine drinker. I’ll pause while you take moment and gasp!!!!

I’ve read the books, and I know that caffeine is not highly recommended on a pregnancy diet, but neither is a box of Twinkies. I do drink caffeine, but I believe myself to be a responsible drinker. I crave Coke all day everyday. Before pregnancy, Dr. Pepper was my soda of choice but apparently baby Thomas likes Coke, so I allow myself one Coke a day. I don’t always drink one everyday, but I would say I have maybe 4 or 5 a week. And when I’m at home, I drink caffeine free Coke (which tastes just as good). So even when I do drink soda, I don’t drink that much. But every time I order myself a delicious glass of Coca-Cola Classic, Tommy says to me one of two things…”Be sure to spit out the caffeine” or ”If that boy comes out with 12 arms, I’m going to let him pop you in the head with every one of them.”. He always has a great way of putting things into perspective for me. You gotta love em’.


Joleene said...

Don't worry, the studies on Caffeine and pregnancy are split 50/50. Drink your Coke and feel no guilt, just dont give any to Thomas when he is a toddler(It'll make him a crazy boy).

B-Mom said...

Caffeine, schmaffeine. I think it's good to keep the baby nice and active all day long. :)