Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Terrible Sound of Music

You know that “glow” I blogged about??? Well, it’s gone. This morning on the way to work was a completely different situation. It snowed last night, and it snowed pretty good. The side roads are still a little icy, but the main highways were perfectly fine. But you wouldn’t know that by the way these idiots were driving this morning. It took me a little over an hour to get to work. My glow was gone, my smile was gone, and my baby heard lots of “flipping idiot” and “a-hole” (obviously this is the censored version of what was really said).

So, in order to calm myself down, I put in a little Norah Jones. I love to listen to Norah. Her voice and her music is very soothing and relaxing. I thought my baby might need a little relaxation since our morning was not off to a good start. Now…I can’t help but sing along with my good friend Norah, and in my head, I sound just like her. But in my belly, I have a feeling Norah and I don’t sound quite the same. I’ve always had what is called “A Mrozowicz Voice”. (Polish translation – not a very good voice). I’m guessing the sound of my voice is probably the loudest sound the baby hears. It could probably hear Norah faintly if I would shut my mouth and let Norah sing, but I don’t. So my poor baby has a terrible idea of what music and singing really sounds like. Maybe I should just stick to telling the baby stories and talking to it. If I stop singing now, the baby might have a fighting chance to have some sort of musical talent. Tommy, this means you are also not allowed to sing near my belly. The combination of our terrible singing is bound to scar this child for life.

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B-Mom said...

As long as the baby can bust a move, he/she won't need to sing! This probably sounds a little stupid, but I always listened to music and sang when I was preggo with Booker, and after he was born I played it while he was sleeping and he LOVES music. Bodey has never heard music in his bedroom, and he's not as big of a fan as Booker.