Wednesday, December 17, 2008

IT'S A BOY!!!!!!

Holy cow was I ever so wrong! Never once did I even think about the possibility that there was a little boy growing inside my belly. Not that I didn't want a boy...I honestly didn't care what it was. I just had an overwhelming feeling that I was having a girl. I even remember telling Tom before we went into the sonogram that he needed to be prepared for her to tell us we were having a girl. I was so sure....I've been calling this poor little boy a "she" for the last 5 months. Maybe that is why he decided to show us his "manhood" within the first 5 seconds of the sonogram. He seemed to be very proud of it.

His bits and pieces!

His profile - with his little mouth open!
I have the ability to pick things up with my feet and I also use my feet as a weapon to pinch the crap out of Tommy when I find myself defenseless in a wrestling match. The sonogram showed us a picture of the baby's foot and the doctor said "there's a nice gap between his first and second toe....who's feet does he have". Tom said "oh, no....that's Melissa's monkey foot". Be prepared Tommy...once I teach little Thomas how to use his foot as a weapon, you are going down!!! :-)
It's hard to explain the feeling that comes along with finding out the sex of your unborn baby. It ranks right up there with finding out we were pregnant. Two very different feelings of excitement, but both feelings are so amazing. I can't even begin to imagine all the amazing feelings we have in our near future with our beautiful baby boy. Thomas Michael Tod!


B-Mom said...

Congrats on little Thomas! I'm glad he has your monkey feet. It always seems like the moms do all the work brewing the baby and they come out looking just like daddy. No fair at all.

Cori said...

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing! I have to tell you, I was wrong with every single pregnancy about the boy/girl guess. My "instincts" always led me the wrong way, too. :) Boys are fun, btw.