Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Me and Kim were talking, and wondering if we are immature as mothers, or if our mothers were also immature, but hid it from us kids. As we compare ourselves to our mothers, we wonder if they ever did the same child-like things we do, like:

Laugh anytime anyone says the word "balls" (just typing that makes me giggle)
Drink Kool-aid all the time
Honk the horn and wave at random strangers just for a laugh
Sing loudly with their girlfriends in the car
Do stupid dances on the dance floor like "the shopping cart", "the sprinkler", "the running man", "the cabbage patch"...
Eat cereal for dinner

I could never imagine my mother doing any of these things...but maybe she was just a good mother and tried to keep her immaturities to herself. Does that mean that I should too?

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B-Mom said...

Immature? I thought it was just called "keeping it young." That's what I like to think anyways!