Monday, December 15, 2008

A Glimpse Into Our Future Family

Dave and Busters has a photo machine called "The Gene Machine". It takes a photo of you, and a photo of your spouse and prints out a photo of what your children might look like. The boy, to me, looks pretty cute (but of course I'm a little bias because I'm his mother)....but the little girl, for some reason, looks a little like a monkey. Maybe it's the strange hair do. I think if we fixed her hair a little, she'd be perfect.
4:00 today is our appointment for our sonogram. After that, I will hopefully not have to refer to my baby as an "it" anymore. I'll let you all know the news tomorrow!!!

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B-Mom said...

They don't get much cuter than that! At least your boy doesn't have a 1970s combover! Congrats again on your news from your sono. I won't tell before you write about it, but I am SO.SUPER.EXCITED!