Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Viva La Mexico

Mexico was awesome! We had such a great time. I could have done without the flights to and from Mexico though. My pregnant butt doesn't quite fit in those airplane seats like it use to. And baby Thomas either LOVED or HATED flying...I can't decide. He was out of control from the moment we took off to the moment we landed. At one point I thought he was actually going to try to make a break for it and claw himself out. I just had to laugh at him. He would kick me on the left side of my belly and then immediately kick me on the right side. He was literally bouncing off the walls in there.

And once we got to Mexico, I noticed I left something back home........my ankles. They were nonexsistant the entire trip. My legs went from calf, directly to foot without any ankle inbetween. It was so strange to look down and not recognize my own feet. Since we've gotten back, the swelling has gone down and my ankles are slowing trying to reappear.

The food was great, the weather was great, the shows were great, everything was perfect on our trip. Here are a couple photos:

Tommy with a fat bellied budda!

And of course, me next to a fat bellied budda. People passing by got a kick out of this one.

This is a picture of us with a guy who creates amazing paintings only using his fingers. We had him paint us a picture using the colors of the babies room. It's baby Thomas' souvenier for his first trip to Mexico.

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Kim said...

Does Tom have his arm around the guy? :-) Love the budda belly pics!