Monday, February 16, 2009


On Valentines Day, Tom and I head to Wal-mart for some grocery shopping. We are about done and we remember that we need some shampoo and deodorant which is on the opposite end of the store. As we are walking over there, we walk by the jewelry counter. Tom says to me. Why don’t you stay here and look for you a new ring while I go grab our stuff. Surprised, I say “ok” with a huge smile on my face. I look for a few minutes and find two rings that I love. When he gets back I let him pick which of the two he liked the best. Below is what we decided on. It is so pretty and sparkly. I love it! It was a perfect Valentines Day gift.In all honesty, the story really did play out like I said above…but…the ring was $8 from the bargain basket and I had to buy it because my fingers are getting too fat and swollen for my real wedding ring. So now I have a beautiful CZ ring that has plenty of room for me to grow.


B-Mom said...

Love your new bling!

Kim said...

Hang on to it and I'll borrow it next time I'm preggo.