Thursday, February 26, 2009


We had our first 2 week appointment yesterday (going now every 2 weeks instead of every month). Everything is as it should be. I’m measuring normal so the doctor is expecting a normal sized baby. This was very good news to hear since I was a huge baby myself. I believe I was 9lbs 4oz and my poor mother is a teeny tiny woman. Since I was so large and she was so small, I came out with a broken arm, black eyes, and completely swollen. Needless to say, I wasn’t the cutest baby…even my parents said so.

I’m 30 weeks now, so only 10 more to go. It seems like such a long time away, especially when I think about the fact that I have 10 more weeks to gain weight. Do you think if I start eating healthier at this point it would be a waste of effort (and not to mention a waste of the pudding pops I still have left in the freezer)? Going every two weeks to the doctor and seeing how much weight I’ve put on in that small amount of time is depressing. But, I guess it’s a small price to pay for what you get in return.

The nursery is all set up and ready for Thomas. While I was out on Sunday, Tommy surprised me and put the crib together which was the finishing touch on the room. When I saw it, I just cried and cried. It’s so easy to picture a little person in there now. I went over and looked into the crib to try to visualize how tiny Thomas is going to look in there. But my imagination was caught a little off guard when I looked in the crib and found my husbands new bow in it. When I asked him why his bow was in the crib, he said “I don’t know….I guess because for the next couple of months, it’s still my baby”. :-)

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B-Mom said...

Only 10 more weeks!?!? It's going to be here so fast. Don't worry about weight... it's only a number and you will lose it afterwards. And you are right, you get the best thing in life in return.