Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I Really Should Pay More Attention!

I have to tell you something funny I did while we were in Mexico. We were eating lunch. I got up from the table to head back to the buffet for some more salad (they had the most amazing salad). I get my salad and head back to the table. On my way back, I look down and notice there is food on my shirt. I get to the table, set my plate down and begin wiping off the food. Once I got my belly cleaned, I pulled out my chair and I looked up............and there were two strangers staring at me. One smiled and said "hello". I WENT TO THE WRONG TABLE!!!!! I actually set my food down at these peoples table and then stood there for at least 20 seconds while I wiped food off of my belly. They never said anything to me until I looked up at them. They got a good laugh out of it and so did I. I was in tears laughing so hard. I'd like to blame this little incident on my "pregnancy brain", but I really can't. This is totally something I would do on my own.


Kim said...

"Momnesia".....gotta love it. Honestly, it doesn't ever really come back. :-)

B-Mom said...

I could totally see myself doing this and I chuckle every time I picture you doing that!