Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sleepless Nights

My nights come and go with less and less sleep. Some of the sleeplessness is due to having to pee a couple times a night, but most of it comes from the fact that it is getting harder and harder to roll over. Because of my sinuses, I am constantly rolling from side to side. I use to roll over without even waking up, but now I have to be wide awake for this strenuous activity. In order for me to roll over, I have to take off my blankets, remove the pillow I keep at my back and move it to the other side (A pillow at my back allows me to somewhat sleep on my back without being flat on my back). Now, the rolling over process can begin. Deep breath….and then I launch myself onto my back. Then I take a rest. Deep breath again….then launch myself onto my other side. By this point I’m breathing pretty heavily and I can hear my heart pounding. I then readjust the pillow at my back and then readjust my blankets. The entire time I’m doing this, baby Thomas is kicking and moving like crazy (I’m beginning to think this boy never sleeps). You’d think at this point I would be exhausted and I would fall asleep immediately. Nope! At this point, I realized I need to pee. So now, I have to go from laying down to standing up which is just as difficult as rolling over. After what feels like 5 minutes of rocking back and forth trying to sit up, I finally make it to my feet. Once I get back from the bathroom, I’m wide awake so I grab the remote and find something on TV to watch. Eventually, I fall into a deep sleep for about an hour…then….I need to roll over again and the whole process repeats itself. This must be the part of pregnancy that is supposed to prepare us for the many sleepless nights listening to a crying baby. Since Tom’s sleeping hasn’t really been effected by this…I make sure to wake him up a couple times a night too. I don’t want him to be unprepared when Thomas gets here. :-)

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B-Mom said...

Oh lucky Tom! That's so nice of you letting him experience as much of this pregnancy as possible. You are such a great wife! :)