Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Transition from Fat to Pregnant

I'm wondering...would it be weird for me to introduce myself to people by saying "Hi, I'm Melissa....and I'm pregnant". Of course I want the world to know I'm pregnant because it is the single most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. But I also want the world to know that I'm pregnant so they don't automatically assume I'm growing a "muffin top" under my shirt. Honestly, I've never been more excited about gaining weight. In my head, the more weight I gain, the bigger my belly gets. Apparently, that is not the case. My hips and butt are being greedy and they are stealing the the weight away from my cute little baby belly. I know that soon enough those gigantic maternity pants that I have will fit, but in the meantime, I just plan to rub my belly alot while in public. That might help them notice my baby bump instead of the rest of the stuff overflowing from the top of my pants. :-) Really, it's not that bad. As of my appointment on Friday, I've gained a total of 6 lbs which the doctor says is "right on track". But I worry because I don't exercise, and my eating habits are the exact same as my 5 year old nephew.

Oh, and doctor also said that the heart rate of the baby is "flirting with the possibility of a girl"!!!!! We find out for sure Dec. 15th!


Cori said...

The transition back down is the same. After you have the baby, you will take it everywhere you go, so that people will know you just had a baby, and you're not normally fat. :) And when you don't take him/her, you'll find yourself loudly saying things like, "Well, my baby is ONLY 2 weeks old," etc.

Thomas (Tom) said...

"it is the single most amazing thing that has ever happened to me"

Ouch! What about the time you married me? No big deal. Until the baby shows up the day I shot the deer at Aaron's Grandma's farm will be the single most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. Just kidding, love you! Keep up the blog.