Monday, March 23, 2009

What To Do With All These Questions!!!

Friday night I took some time and finally made myself “nest”. The instinct didn’t kick in, it was completely forced. And once I got started, I got stressed. I went through all of the shower gifts and began to put them away…only to find out I have no idea what to do with all this stuff. So many stressful thoughts went through my head like…Do I need to wash everything before I put it away? What if he never gets the chance to wear it before he grows out of it? Do onsies go in a drawer all their own? Do I put his towels and washcloths with our towels and washcloths or do those stay in his room? Do his lotions and soaps go in the bathroom, or in his room? Where do I put his pacifiers? Do my nursing pads go in his room? Should I hang up his jammies or put them in a drawer? All of these questions sound silly to me now as I type them because I’ve had time to think about it and talk to some friends about what they’ve done. (Kim saved the day when she mentioned using baskets in the drawers. It sounds easy enough, but it never crossed my mind). But Friday night I was in panic mode. So, in order to get everything out of the center of the room, I just shoved everything in drawers and cubbies unwashed and unopened. I’m even using his crib right now as a storage bin. Everything is unorganized, but at least it is out of the way for now. Once we get the shelving done in his closet, I think my stress level will start to deplete.


B-Mom said...

Once he's here you will develop your own style that works best for you. Don't stress about it, he doesn't care where his stuff is!

Kim said...

You'll probably end up rearranging things over and over. I'm still doing that. Try not to stress out over it. Most of it will end up being in the dirty laundry most of the time anyway. :-)