Friday, March 27, 2009


If I decide to eat something between the hours of 9-11am or 1-5pm, I feel the need to hide it. I feel like I’m being judged by my fellow employees. It’s almost as if I can hear their thoughts…”Really Melissa, do you really need to be eating again already? You just ate lunch…”.
Today was donut day at work. Each Friday 2 employees are assigned to bring in 2 dozen donuts each. Usually there will be a few leftover for us to munch on in the afternoon if we want. It is 1:36 right now and I just did what felt like “the walk of shame” from the break room to my desk with a donut in my hand. If I heard footsteps near me, I wanted to slip quietly into the nearest cubical until the footsteps were gone. Then, I eat it as fast as I can so there is no proof left behind. But…on the other hand, if I decide to eat a piece of fruit as a snack at 1:36 in the afternoon, I want to flaunt it. I take the long way back to my desk and occasionally stop and chat along the way. All the while, proudly holding my orange slices in my hand. If they could only read my thoughts… “Look over here…look at me…I’m eating a piece of fruit as a snack! Look at how healthy I am! I am taking the best care of myself because I love my baby more than I love donuts”.
But since they can’t hear my thoughts, I just eat my orange slices and go on about my business. One day I’ll realize that the people that I work probably aren't paying as much attention to my eating habits as I think they do. :-)


Cori said...

Oh gosh, I just love you. I think I had the same thoughts as a pg person. I was always sure people were counting my calories. You are fantastic! And I don't care if you eat the entire box of donuts!

B-Mom said...

Agreed. And, I would never judge a pg woman by what she eats. Hell, it's the best excuse EVER, so take it for all it's worth.