Friday, March 20, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

I think baby Thomas might be experiencing some sort of “nesting” today. He is having a very very busy day. Usually when I’m sitting, he is moving, but once I’m up walking around, he stops. Not today. He doesn’t have time to rest today because he is apparently busy doing something very important in there. I just picture him doing everything he can to prepare for his departure. Making sure his cord is straight, fixing his hair (which judging by my heartburn and indigestion, he’s gonna be a hairy little guy), and maybe even trying to get all that white stuff off of him. :-) I’m sure he wants to look his best for his arrival in just 7 weeks. Yes…I do know that it is probably a little weird that I think my unborn child is “tidying up” in my uterus before he leaves, but hey…these weird and random thought keep me entertained all day long.

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B-Mom said...

I'm sure he'll just be beautiful! And about that heartburn myth... I had HORRIBLE heartburn with Bodey. Not so hairy... still!